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Tornado Floss Machine - SS 3005SS

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TORNADO FLOSS MACHINE - SS 3005SS - Every Toronado built since the mid 50's has featured a built-in voltage booster system. The 3005SS features a variable electronic heat control and a huge auto transformer. This really fast machine has a 7" diameter head and thus produces about 50% more floss than the 5". 1/3 hp., 3450 RPM motor with sealed ball bearings. Four large brushes and two extra wide slip rings ensure long, dependable life. 3216 watts. Ship weight 102 lbs.

Aluminum Scoop 4 3/4'' x 2 3/8'' 5 oz., Snack Bar Equipment, Cromers Pnuts, LLC - Cromers Pnuts, LLC Tornado Floss Machine - SS 3005SS