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Our Customers Say!

  • Renee G

    My husband and I travel to Columbia South Carolina, to purchase and eat their fresh popcorn. Also, they have other snacks. What makes them special, the popcorn and snacks are fresh.... And they treat you individually with respect.. like a family member.

    Renee G

  • mark mitchell

    Have loved this store since I was a kid!! I lived in NY and CT for over 30 years after highschool, and everytime I would visit I would go to Cromer's. Best boiled pnuts in the US!

    mark mitchell

  • Edward Ruggles

    Wow, wow is all I can think of when I went inside Cromer''s like a step back in time...what a wide selection of " can't do without" items all in one place.

    Edward Ruggles

  • Tara Curran

    Used to visit Cromer's as a child and this was my first visit back in over 10 years. The smells and sights took me right back to those good old days! Awesome selection of nuts and popcorn as always and loved the opportunity to mix and match our own six pack of unique sodas!

    Tara Curran