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Guaranteed Worst in Town

We may be Guaranteed Worst in Town since 1935 but our delicious gourmet popcorn, peanuts, and sweets are sure to bring you back to Columbia for more!


In 1935, Cromer's P-Nuts began at the farmer's market in depression-era Columbia, South Carolina by Julian D. Cromer. Although he roasted a new batch of peanuts every morning, a rival farmer would yell out to his customers, "Cromer's are no good. Mine are the best!"

Julian agreed and posted a sign above his peanuts that read "Guaranteed Worst in Town." Decades later, Cromer’s P-Nuts remains family-owned by Julian’s descendants and offers roasted and boiled peanuts, craft-popped popcorn, and other tasty treats. No one really knows what happened to the other farmer. But Cromer’s P-Nuts will always be, 'Guaranteed Worst in Town!'

Their Words, Not Ours

Their Words, Not Ours

My husband and I travel to Columbia South Carolina, to purchase and eat their fresh popcorn. Also, they have other snacks. What makes them special, the popcorn and snacks are fresh.... And they treat you individually with respect.. like a family member.
— Renee G.
Guaranteed Worst in Town since 1935

Cromer's P-Nuts

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