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Shavette Ice Shaver - 1006

  • $560.00
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If you do not need the ice display of the Sno-Konette, the Shavette Little Shaver will do a fine job of shaving ice for sno-kones, shaved ice cocktails, or any other use. Capacity is up to 300 pounds an hour. Comes complete with ice pan for catching shaved ice and an ice scoop. 22"W x 16"D x 27"H. Shipping weight is 39 pounds.

Equipment comes with 2 years warranty and 6 months labor.

Aluminum Scoop 4 3/4'' x 2 3/8'' 5 oz., Snack Bar Equipment, Cromers Pnuts, LLC - Cromers Pnuts, LLC Shavette Ice Shaver - 1006