Salted Butter Popcorn, 7 oz. Bag - $4.39


Cromer's has the answer to what to take to your cookout or party this week; a 7 oz. bag of Cromer's salted popcorn.  Delicious, perfectly seasoned and guaranteed to make your get-together a hit.  It is a fantastic idea for wedding favors as well - have your guests take home a piece of Columbia!

The simplest tastes are often the most rewarding. Our fresh salted popcorn is evidence that we use the highest grade of corn that is grown from hybrid seeds and have been developed for the best taste and tenderness. Our famous premium popcorn is popped daily to guarantee freshness and the tantalizing smell and delicious taste make your mouth water for more.

We also offer this fluffy, white popcorn in low fat and no salt alternatives!