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Floss Maxx Floss Machine - 3077

  • $995.00
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FLOSS MAXX FLOSS MACHINE - 3077 - Pictured without the bowl, so you can see what has been accomplished in the design of this unit. This machine will get maximum output from a 15 amp. electric outlet. UL Listed with its own specially designed double band and heating elements, includes spun aluminum bowl. 11 in. W x 13 1/2 in. D x 18 1/4 in. H, 13.8 amps. on 120 volt. Must have its own dedicated line. Shipping Weight: 43 lbs.

Aluminum Scoop 4 3/4'' x 2 3/8'' 5 oz., Snack Bar Equipment, Cromers Pnuts, LLC - Cromers Pnuts, LLC Floss Maxx Floss Machine - 3077