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Econo SS Floss Machine - 3017SS

By Cromers

ECONO SS FLOSS MACHINE - 3017SS - Today nearly everyone who orders an Econo Floss wants a stainless steel cabinet. It lasts longer - only costs a few dollars more. It is virtually unbreakable "double bubble" (Sold separately) - the ultimate in safety. Protect the "little ones" on the customer side of the machine. All Econo Floss machines are equipped with four brushes for longer brass slip ring life. Makes over 100 oz. of cotton candy per hour - enough for a 2 oz. $1.00 serving every minute. Can easily pay for itself in one day! Has stainless steel cabinet, spun aluminum bowl and whirl grip floss stabilizer included in the price.  Shipping Weight: 37 lbs. in two cartons.