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Cotton Candy 2 oz Tub


Cotton Candy 2 oz Tub is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Our individual servings of cotton candy are a great idea to add whimsy to a birthday party or a wedding reception.  Cromer's can make various colors as well. Call us for details. Quantity Discounts Available.

We spin our cotton candy by hand the old fashioned way. This sticky, sweet treat melts in your mouth with the very first bite! Not only adored by children, but adults alike! Our pink and blue cotton candy will bring back memories of your childhood and the state fair. We also sell cotton candy machines which make a magnificent moneymaker for snack bars and carnivals.

Great fundraiser…selling cotton candy can bring in the money for your school, church or organization! 

Please keep in mind that cotton candy is simply spun sugar.  Heat melts it because it’s sugar, and sugar has a low melting point.  Due to the summer heat and the warm temperatures of our delivery trucks and warehouses, Cromer's can not ensure the state of the product once it has left the store. It is usually not a problem, but Cromer's is not responsible for the product if you choose to ship it.