Boiled P-Nuts - Must Ship 2 Days or Sooner

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In shell Valencia peanuts freshly boiled in-house for your enjoyment. Worried you won't be able to get enough? No problem, we offer a variety of sizes for in-store pick-up to ensure you'll be able to find the perfect one! Stop by and give them a try or give us a call to order yours today!

For the delivery option, please note that you may only purchase the 4 lb. selections. We also want you to know that when ordering boiled peanuts for delivery, we will only ship these when you select a 2-day delivery option or sooner. Please do not choose USPS Priority Mail as, due to the current pandemic, this option will most likely not reach you in 2 days. 

From our end, and to ensure freshness, we only ship boiled peanuts Monday-Wednesday. This means that if you order boiled peanuts on Thursday, for example, we will ship them out to you on the following Monday.

If you have any other questions regarding our boiled peanuts please call (803) 779-2290 or send an email to

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