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Football season is finally here! Yes, I know the NFL has been playing for a few weeks now, but for most of us here in Columbia football season doesn't start until both Carolina and Clemson are playing.

Most of us are having to do game day a little different this year, but that's okay, as long as we can still cheer for our favorite teams this season will feel as good as ever. But there is one thing that doesn't have to change about this year. The snacks of course! No matter where you're cheering on your favorite team, whether it's at home or with a few friends, we have 5 game day must have snacks for your Saturdays (or Sundays).

Salted Butter Popcorn, 1 lb. Bag

Butter Popcorn
Popcorn and football just seem to go together. Whether you're in the stadium buying it from the concession stands, having a watch party with friends, or tailgating popcorn is usual part of your game day. I almost always got a bag to snack on in the stadium in college. So of course, popcorn is at the top of our game day must have list. It's a great way to get that stadium feeling right in your living room.

Like I said before, game day looks a little different this year, and since we can't get all of our friends together for a big tailgate or watch party you'll probably want to go with a 1 lb. bag of popcorn. Our 1 lb. bag will have no trouble getting you and your family through the entire game -- and we all know how long a football game can be. If you're reading this in the future and you're lucky enough to have one of the large tailgates that we all love you'll probably want to go with our bushel bag instead, it can feed up to 40 people, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Boiled P-Nuts

Boiled Peanuts
I have to be honest, I wasn't born in the South, so I didn't realize how much of a big deal boiled p-nuts are for a few years. So, if you're not from the South let me tell you, boiled p-nuts are a big deal. They are a Southern staple, and what else is a southern staple? College football. When you ask most southerners what they're favorite game day snack is their answer is boiled p-nuts and a cold beer, they don't even have to think about it. They'll tell you, you can't watch football without boiled p-nuts, it just doesn't happen.

If you're not from around here and you've never had a bag of salty boiled p-nuts to snack on during the big game you'll want to give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Spirit Corn

College Colored Snack
There are so many ways to show your spirit on game days. I don't think I could even list all of the different Gamecock things you see on Saturdays. There's jerseys, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tents, coolers, koozies, cookies, face stamps, bags, sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, rings, blankets, footballs and so much more. We even get our furry friends involved with Gamecock collars and bandanas. And now there's even one more, spirit corn!

Spirit Corn is the perfect combination of school spirit and a sweet snack. It adds the perfect pop of color to any watch party or tailgate, and honestly, it's just a really fun snack. We almost always have Carolina Crunch and Tiger Bites in store and online, but if you give us a call at (803) 779-2290 there's a great chance we can make spirit corn in your team's colors, no problem.

Roasted P-Nuts

Roasted Peanuts
We talked about boiled p-nuts earlier, but there was no way we could leave roasted p-nuts off of this list. If you're skeptical about boiled p-nuts, or you just don't like them, you'll definitely want to have roasted p-nuts on game days. Just like boiled p-nuts they're a great salty snack to have with a cold beer. There's something about p-nuts and sports that just feels right, whether it's during the football game or a baseball game you just can't go wrong with roasted p-nuts.


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Lemonade is another one of those Southern staples that we love. There's almost always a vendor in the stands on game day yelling that he has fresh lemonade for sale and you just can't help but buy one -- especially on those really hot days where you feel like your melting into the concrete. And while we can't all be at the stadium this year we can all still enjoy fresh squeezed lemonade on game day.
You can bring our fresh squeezed lemonade home to share with the whole family in a quart or a gallon. Or you can get one of these fun cups pictured above that feel just like a true stadium cup full of lemonade.
Well there you have it. 5 Must Have Snack this Football Season. Which of these snacks are on your must have list this season?

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