Whirlwind Super Deluxe Floss Machine - 3009 - $1839.00, Cotton Candy Equipment, Cromers Pnuts, LLC - Cromers Pnuts, LLC

Whirlwind Super Deluxe Floss Machine - 3009

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SUPER HIGH OUTPUT WHIRLWIND - 3009 - A large fixed transformer plus a variable transformer give you pin point heat control in the boost or buck range. Features four brushes for longer brass life. A high output baser between the upper and lower floss band and ribbon assembly. This extra three quarters of an inch coupled with the leather floaters creates a little more "separation" and gives you more volume of cotton candy per ounce of sugar. It is truly a super high output Deluxe Whirlwind. 3000 watts. ship weight 103 lbs.

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