Cromer's Coffee

Cromer's Coffee

Cromer's is proud to brew and sell an incredible selection of coffee beans roasted locally in Columbia, South Carolina by one of the best micro roasters in the business: Turtle Creek Coffee. 

As Turtle Creek Coffee uses only Specialty Grade 1 beans or higher (most roasters don’t even know that there IS a grade higher than Grade 1) it is not necessary to “over roast” – this would be the charred for the bucks model – in order to hide the flaws in our coffees, as there aren’t any! Instead, the coffee is roasted to a level considered light by many…but once our coffees are tasted there is just no turning back to burnt beans.

Once roasted, our beans are allowed to go through a brief degassing period, then packaged by hand into specially valved bags of the highest quality currently available to the coffee industry. Our most widely used packaging type, the stand up pouches, are unfamiliar to many, as they have not yet made their way in to the area. Those “in the know” recognize them as the industry standard for sustaining freshness.

Try it and you won't regret it!

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