Green, Red, New, Dry? What’s the Difference?!

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Many people still ask us “what is the difference in a “new crop boiled peanut or green peanut” as compared to the “regular boiled peanut?” The difference is simply the new crop or green peanuts have been pulled from the ground at the end of its growing season and boiled without having been dried before boiling. These peanuts are only available from about May until mid October. At Cromer’s we boil our dry peanuts year round as well as the new crop from May until October. -Carolette Cromer Turner

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Roast, Roast, Roast Your P-nuts!

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In the early days our roasted p-nuts were roasted in large coffee bean roasters which had been outfitted to accommodate peanuts. The boiled p-nuts were boiled in a well ventilated back room over open flames in huge metal tubs. I can still see those tubs and smell those p-nuts boiling. Most of our green p-nuts for boiling came from local farmers who would pull their trucks up in the alley beside our store and come in to negotiate the price of a bushel of green p-nuts with my dad or uncle. Carolette Cromer Turner

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A business almost 78 years old.

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My earliest memory of Cromer’s is when I was about 5 years old...

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