The Guaranteed Worst Gift Guide in Town

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Author: Barbie Sweet

It's that time of year again! It's hard to find gifts for people, especially now in the midst of a pandemic. Thankfully, we've compiled a list of gifts that we feel are the "guaranteed worst" and are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

1.) The Cromer's Monkey

While we can't have actual monkeys in our store anymore, that doesn't mean that the smiles have to end! This is the perfect gift for someone who remembers our monkeys, or anyone who loves a soft-plush stuffed animal! They can hang from almost anywhere and are a great addition to a desk or room décor.


2.) Boiled Peanuts

Are we even in the south if there are no boiled peanuts? This one is a great gift for that family member who moved out of state, or your out-of-state friends who love the south! We can ship these to them! All you need to do is select 2 day shipping to ensure the boiled peanuts aren't traveling too long. 


3.) Holiday Tins


Our holiday tins are the best option for someone who hates wrapping gifts! We have so many different decorative themes to choose from, who wouldn't want one as a gift? Did we mention that you can choose what popcorn you want to fill it with? The best part about these are that we have tins available for all sorts of holidays, not just the jolly/merry season!


4.) Peanut Brittle

Who doesn't love the taste of the southern classic: peanut brittle? Ours is hand-made everyday with a secret family recipe that has been handed down through generations. This classic recipe is guaranteed to bring the southern charm to anyone who receives this as a gift this year.


5.) Cotton Candy

Know anyone with a sweet tooth? We know just the gift that will satisfy the sweet tooth of the group. Our classic cotton candy comes in this handy resealable tub. Did you know we can make other colors too? If the sweet tooth in your group loves purple, give us a call!


6.) Salted Popcorn

You can't go wrong with a bag of our classic salted popcorn. We have many different sizes to appease any level of popcorn lover, including low fat popcorn, as well as no salt popcorn! This is guaranteed to leave any recipient excited for their next movie or snack.


7.) Roasted Peanuts 

We know that not everyone loves our classic boiled peanuts. It's okay! These classically roasted peanuts are the perfect crunchy, salty, and delicious snack for our classic peanut lovers. Stored in our souvenir burlap sack, these are guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds of anyone.


8.) Chocolate Covered Pecans

Our chocolate covered pecans are one of the most asked-for item around the holidays. It's hard not to think about these delicious milk-chocolate covered treats when it comes to holiday snacks. Send someone a package of these and you are guaranteed to put them in the holiday mood.


9.) Cromer's Classic Gift Bag

Want to get someone a gift, but you're not sure what items to select? This gift basket is a sampler of our classic items. In this gift bag you will receive a bag of roasted salted peanuts, cheddar popcorn, salted popcorn, confetti popcorn, and chocolate covered almonds. All of these classic items are sure to give anyone a taste of Cromer's.


10.) Pork Skins

Who doesn't love a fresh bag of pork skins? We make ours right here, in our store! We've even made different flavors of pork skins for our more adventurous snackers. We have regular, BBQ, and Cajun flavors. Our freshly-made pork skins will have anyone's mouth watering in no-time!



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