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Cromer's is celebrating its 80th anniversary

31 July, 2015

Cool Off With Cromer's!

24 July, 2015

We hit record temperatures in the famously hot Columbia, SC yesterday, and we don't want the heat to get you down! Come see us for sweet, delicious and refreshing treats!


Our smoothies are available in four refreshing flavors and will satisfy every tastebud! Choose from wild berry, strawberry banana, mango or peach with or without whipped cream on top! Don't miss out on this sweet treat!


No summer is complete without a sno-kone! We have blue raspberry, cherry and grape (or mix all three) available at all times. However, we also have multiple other fun flavors if you would like to rent a sno-kone machine and throw yourself a big summer bash! 

Flavored Iced Teas

Available in raspberry or peach, enjoy this refreshing and iced cold drink to cool you off! 

Iced/Blended Coffees 

All of our hot coffees are available iced or blended. We also have fun summer drinks for a mini getaway during your famously hot days. 

  • Caribbean Getaway: iced latte with coconut and caramel
  • Mint Kicker: latte with creme de menthe
  • Turtle Mocha: hazelnut, caramel and chocolate

Bottled Sodas

Nothing beats a classic! Bottled Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Cheerwine, IBC Root Beer and NEHI (orange, grape, peach) are available all day every day! 

We have multiple sweet treats and refreshing drinks available to you to help cool off on these hot summer days! Don't let the heat get you down, come see us for a cool down treat!  

Smoothies are here!

19 May, 2015

The Columbia heat can be a hard thing to beat!

One of the joys of living in the South is the melting heat and humidity one will encounter between the months of late April to late September. No matter how many air conditioning units, fans and shorts you have, the heat will still get to you.

But have no fear Cromer’s is here! To combat the heat, we are introducing our deliciously refreshing smoothies!

Enjoying a wild berry or strawberry banana smoothie is the perfect treat on a hot summer day. Served with or without whipped cream, you’ll definitely be coming back for more of the sweet, refreshing treat!

A Closet or an Office?

11 November, 2012

In our building on Assembly   Street, there was an open platform elevator where 50 pound bags of raw peanuts could be hoisted up to the second floor warehouse. To the delight of my sisters and me, our dad would sometimes allow us to ride up to the warehouse sitting on top of those bags of peanuts when we came to Columbia. My dad’s office was under the stairwell that was access to the second floor. In this tiny space were his desk, file cabinet, a very large safe and a rotating fan to cool the space in the summer. Every time I walk into my office today, I think of how my granddaddy and daddy ran Cromer’s from very cramped quarters and in all likelihood would have four desks in my office!


-Carolette Cromer Turner