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Making Customers Ghoulish for Halloween

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Halloween at Cromer’s was quite an experience years ago. We were the only place in town where you could purchase costumes, masks and make up! The week prior to Halloween was always an exciting one with most people waiting until the last minute to purchase their costumes. We would gladly help our customers with ideas on what to put together for an outfit. USC students would fill the store on Halloween day and most of our sales staff would still be at the store long past closing helping those young people make their purchases. Though we no longer sell those...

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The Week of 10,000 Candy Apples

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Autumn and Halloween at Cromer’s during the 70’s and 80’s meant a store full of customers. School carnivals were in full swing and PTO members were in our store filling their carts with novelties for prizes at their events. Sometimes there would be 6 or more carts per order overflowing with merchandise as a group would check out at the register. One particular week when the fair was in town and the health department had decreed the vendors there could not prepare their own candy apples, we made 10,000 candy apples! Every one of our employees who made the apples...

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