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Recognizing Wade; 42 years of making Cromer’s the Guaranteed Worst in Town.

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Today one of my employees, Wade, received an award for “Employee of the Quarter”. This gentleman has been with Cromer’s 42 years boiling our peanuts. He is actually only one of three men who have ever held this position. The other two were brothers and one of them the uncle of Wade. This job has certainly been kept in the family! I am proud of Wade as I am all of my employees. How many people do you know who have stayed at a job for 42 years? - Carolette Cromer Turner

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78 years; still Family Owned and Operated

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Cromer’s has always been a family business. My grandfather believed in the family working together. Initially all four of his sons worked in the business, the younger two while attending college. (One of my uncles even put a jar in the business which had a sign that stated “Perry’s College Fund.” He was amazed people actually dropped coins in it!) Eventually my mother and one of my aunts joined the business then all of my sisters and me, plus two of our cousins. Even many of our employees were related to us or were related to each other. While we...

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My, how “times” have changed.

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In the “Legal Pad of Thoughts” (see last blog) is an entry about a clock. It seems when Cromer’s moved into the brick and mortar store at 1235 Assembly, we had a Western Union clock. Western Union would feed a wire from their company to any business that needed a clock for the cost of $1.00 per month. (This was before electric clocks). A signal would correct any discrepancies in time each hour on the hour. Though I have a clock about the same size as that old Western Union clock in my office, today we generally rely on our...

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78 Years of Loving Our Customers and Staff

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Recently I came upon an old legal pad with notes from my uncle which thankfully validated my previous memories about our business. One of the points of interest that stood out to me was that Cromer’s never had segregated restrooms or water fountains. In my uncle’s notes he states that up to 50 peanut hucksters (men mostly who sold peanuts on the street) would come by daily to use the restroom and to fill their cups with water. My grandfather always believed in treating all people fairly. Everyone was given the same courteous service no matter race or creed, customer...

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Granddaddy Cromer

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My granddaddy Cromer was a very humble man with a wonderful sense of humor. He was a son of a Lutheran minister and believed in treating all his customers by the Golden Rule. His desk where he ran the business at 1235 Assembly St. was a pull out board next to the retail counter. Around this he kept his files, a rolodex with names and numbers and there he counted out the money from each day’s sales to make his bank deposits. He never had a formal office but ran a very successful business from where he could see all...

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