News — Cromer's 80th

Cromer's is celebrating its 80th anniversary

Artisan Cromer's 80th Cromer's P-Nuts Cromers Family Fresh Gifts Local Popcorn Summer

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Cool Off With Cromer's!

Coffee Cromer's 80th Cromer's P-Nuts Cromers Fresh Latte Local Summer

We hit record temperatures in the famously hot Columbia, SC yesterday, and we don't want the heat to get you down! Come see us for sweet, delicious and refreshing treats! Smoothies Our smoothies are available in four refreshing flavors and will satisfy every tastebud! Choose from wild berry, strawberry banana, mango or peach with or without whipped cream on top! Don't miss out on this sweet treat! Sno-Kones No summer is complete without a sno-kone! We have blue raspberry, cherry and grape (or mix all three) available at all times. However, we also have multiple other fun flavors if you...

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Cromer's 80th Anniversary Celebration!

Cromer's 80th Cromer's P-Nuts Cromers Local

Cromer’s P-Nuts has long been a local favorite in the Midlands. This year is a very special year because we are celebrating 80 years of business! We are so excited and so thankful for such a wonderful community who has supported us the past 80 years. We are having a big celebration on August 29 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. full of treats and fun for all ages! We will have food, bounce houses, games, vintage car show, balloons, music and so much more!  To add to the celebration, weekly customers will have the opportunity to be our 80th customer...

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Not Just P-Nuts!

Coffee Concessions Cromer's 80th Cromer's P-Nuts Cromers Fresh Latte Local Roasted

Here at Cromer’s, we’re more than just peanut experts. We have also mastered the art of popping the tastiest and freshest popcorn with 25 flavor options, offering customizable cotton candy colors and flavors, a café filled with gourmet sandwiches and a coffee shop perfect to start your day or just a yummy treat. However, we are more than just snacks, sandwiches and coffee. We also offer machine rentals, event catering and advertising specialties. Cromer’s popcorn is popped daily so it is always fresh, just as the bright yellow bags say. If the popcorn is kept sealed, it can stay fresh...

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Smoothies are here!

Cromer's 80th Cromer's P-Nuts Cromers Summer

The Columbia heat can be a hard thing to beat! One of the joys of living in the South is the melting heat and humidity one will encounter between the months of late April to late September. No matter how many air conditioning units, fans and shorts you have, the heat will still get to you. But have no fear Cromer’s is here! To combat the heat, we are introducing our deliciously refreshing smoothies! Enjoying a wild berry or strawberry banana smoothie is the perfect treat on a hot summer day. Served with or without whipped cream, you’ll definitely be...

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