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Not Just P-Nuts!

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Here at Cromer’s, we’re more than just peanut experts. We have also mastered the art of popping the tastiest and freshest popcorn with 25 flavor options, offering customizable cotton candy colors and flavors, a café filled with gourmet sandwiches and a coffee shop perfect to start your day or just a yummy treat. However, we are more than just snacks, sandwiches and coffee. We also offer machine rentals, event catering and advertising specialties. Cromer’s popcorn is popped daily so it is always fresh, just as the bright yellow bags say. If the popcorn is kept sealed, it can stay fresh...

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Concessions that Pop!

Concessions Cromers

We have always been committed to serving all your concession needs. Our products are pre-packaged and ready to go as soon as they are delivered.  Our concession products make your job hassle-free: No mess and cleanup  No long term storage  We deliver to you  No food safety risk Watch the video below to learn more about our concession products and customization options! 

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From P-Nuts to Bubble Gum and Everything in Between

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From the small store at 1235 Assembly Street, my dad began to realize we needed to add other products and if we were to add more products we needed more room. He leased the building to the right of our store as soon as it was available; cut a hole through the brick wall that separated the buildings and soon it was filled with concession equipment and supplies for cotton candy, popcorn and snokones. Then he added vending equipment and supplies. When my dad ordered that first truck load of bubble gum my grandfather was sure it was a mistake...

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The First POP of Cromer’s Popcorn

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Not so long after moving into 1235 Assembly, my grandfather, dad and uncle decided to add a popcorn popper to our tiny sales floor. It was a free standing unit set in front of the water cooler near the window of the store. My sisters and I thought this was a wonderful idea and apparently so did our customers! Today, popcorn sales comprise about 15% of our revenue. The company that supplied us with that original popper remains the vendor where we purchase most of our concession equipment and supplies. -Carolette Cromer Turner

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A business almost 78 years old.

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My earliest memory of Cromer’s is when I was about 5 years old...

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