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Cromer’s P-Nuts is your concession supply solution

Posted by Tom Lacas on

We love helping our customers create successful concession stands!   Our pre-packaged and custom order food products are ready to sell the moment you open the box. No Mess and No Cleanup Eliminating food preparation will eliminate the mess from your concession stand.  The workers of the stand will be glad to not have to divide their time between preparing food, cleaning up and selling food.  They can devote their time to selling. No Long Term Storage Cromer’s delivers “just in time” food products which eliminates the need for long term food storage.  At a school or sports organization, storage is...

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Cotton Candy Adds Excitement To Your Concession Stand

Posted by Agata Chydzinski on

Cotton candy is one of our favorite food products to prepare and deliver to schools and sports boosters’ concession stands.  Why?  There are several reasons:    Taste – C’mon, this is handspun sweetness! Packaging – By using our clear plastic bags we help the schools and sports boosters clubs to private label the cotton candy with their logo stickers on the bags. Choices of flavors & branding – Whether it’s no-flavor, blueberry, strawberry or something else, flavors abound for the cotton candy. The cool thing about the flavors is that each flavor has a color associated with it.  This means...

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