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Cromer's at Dutch Square Mall - by Rob Turner

29 August, 2016

Always a fun trip down "memory lane" for me - thinking about Cromer's P-Nuts store at Dutch Square Mall. From the time my parents would park their car, I was ready to run through the Dutch Square Mall parking lot to get inside and go to Cromer's P-Nuts. Walking past the Eckerd Drugs soda fountain & Orange Julius, and making that right turn to walk to Cromer's P-Nuts.

Meet the Cromerians

16 June, 2016

Kasey Brown

  1. What is your job at Cromer’s?
    • I am the Café Manager
  2. How long have you worked at Cromer’s?
    • I have been here since February of 2015, almost a year and a half
  3. What is the most rewarding thing about working with Cromer’s?
    • What’s most rewarding about working with Cromer’s is seeing the customers happy, especially seeing people that come in again and again. There are people that have been coming here for 50 years and their parents coming here before them. It’s great when people talk about our customer service.
  4. What is your favorite thing about working for Cromer’s?
    • I love my coworkers, production, retail, and upstairs management but still act like a family and everyone knows each other’s names
  5. Anything else you’d like to add?
    • Cheesy-Sweet Monkey Munch is the best popcorn in the world.



6 reasons to have Cromer’s at your child’s birthday party!

07 June, 2016


We have so many fun things down here at Cromer’s. Come give us a visit at 1700 Huger Street! You won’t have to drive around the city to pick up everything you need for a party. We have the snacks, decorations, and entertainment. Planning a birthday party for any age is easy when you only need to make one stop.


  1. We rent snokone machines! Let your son or daughter pick their favorite flavors, this gets them involved and guarantees that they will love them. Over 30 flavors to choose from! This summer is going to be a hot one, but this treat keeps kids cool and happy.


  1. Balloons, ribbons, and banners! We have a variety of colors for all party decorations!


  1. Popcorn bushels will satisfy guests of all ages! Your party guests will love our delicious and fresh-popped popcorn. Kids love it, and adults do too. At only 37 calories per cup, it’s a healthy alternative to potato chips!


  1. Our cotton candy. If you’re making goody bags for all the kids, don’t forget this timeless treat!


  1. Entertain party guests with a piñata! We have the piñata your child will love and a variety of candy to fill it.


  1. Customize your popcorn colors and flavors, as well as our cotton candy. Match party themes all the way down to the snacks!

Where are They Now- Abigail Hollingsworth

31 May, 2016

Abigail graduated from the University of South Carolina in May 2016 with a degree in public relations. She has worked at Cromer’s as the marketing intern from May 2015-May 2016. I had the opportunity to talk to her and see what she’s been up to.

  1. Where do you work now?
    • I work at Engineering Design & Testing.
  2. What are your day-to-day responsibilities?
    • I do article writing and layout for the magazine The Stress Point, layout an epistle, which is a 2-4 page book written by the engineers that work at Engineering Design & Testing, email marketing with MailChimp, make graphics, and I do a lot of editing.
  3. How has Cromer’s prepared you for your current job?
    • I learned marketing and business techniques and how to interact professionally with other clients, and email marketing.
  4. What was your favorite thing about working with Cromer’s?
    • I got to be the voice on social media.
  5. What was the most rewarding thing about working for Cromer’s?
    • My big (from my sorority) was my boss, I learned a lot about social media and marketing, the people I worked with were really nice, and I really enjoyed working here
  6. What set Cromer’s apart from other internships/jobs you’ve had?
    • They’re every hands on with learning and teach you. They don’t just throw you out into the wild.
  7. Any final comments you’d like to share?
    • Everyone should work for Cromer’s and should follow them on social media.

12 Days of Cromer's: Day Twelve

23 December, 2015

Happy Day 12! Thank you for joining us on 12 Days of Cromer's and we hope you learned a lot about what we can do for you in a variety of ways. Whether it be weddings, parties, concessions or just relaxing on the couch at home with a box of popcorn, Cromer's can do it all. 

In honor of our last day, we thought we would end on our history and how we got to where we are 80 years later.

In 1935, Cromer's was founded by midlands South Carolina farmer Julian D. Cromer. Shortly thereafter, Cromer's took on near legendary status when he added fresh roasted peanuts to his produce stand at the Farmers Market in depression-era Columbia. Although Cromer insisted on roasting a new batch every morning, a competitor would yell out to his customers, "Don't buy those mine are the best! Cromer's are no good." Cleverly Cromer agreed and posted his own slogan, "Guaranteed Worst in Town." Curious people soon flocked to his stand to try "the worst."
According to an article on Business Insider, Only 50% of small businesses survive five years, though most (70%) hit the two-year mark. Cromer’s just celebrated its 80th birthday, shooting down that statistic. However, the only reason Cromer’s has been able to stay open for so long is because of our loyal customers like you! Cromer’s strives to attain the best customer service in the area to make your experience better than it would be anywhere else. The majority of the employees have been working for Cromer’s for more than 20 years, so they are pros at what they do.
Thank you for sticking with us for 80 years, and we hope to enjoy 80 more years and beyond! 

12 Days of Cromer's: Day Eleven

22 December, 2015

Delicious, fluffy, buttery heaven in a bag.

Make your visits memorable by treating your hosts to our famously large, fresh and guilt-free bag of buttered popcorn. We bag it all by hand to make every kernel count. Make a lasting impression with the biggest leave behind you can find.

Our fresh butter popcorn is evidence that we use the highest grade of corn that is grown from hybrid seeds and have been developed for the best taste and tenderness. Our famous premium buttery popcorn is popped daily to guarantee freshness and the tantalizing smell and delicious taste make your mouth water for more. We also offer this fluffy, white popcorn in low fat and no salt alternatives!

Great for big events, big parties, weddings and more! (Check out why you should have Cromer's at your wedding, or any party, here.)

And remember, it is always “Guaranteed Worst in town”. Visit Cromer’s today.

12 Days of Cromer's: Day Ten

21 December, 2015

Today isn't about ten lords a'leaping, but it is all about boiled peanuts. Happy tenth day of 12 Days of Cromer's! 

The South is full of boiled peanuts. They have become so popular that they are South Carolina’s state snack.

There is no denying boiled peanuts are a southern staple, along with fried green tomatoes, fried chicken and barbecue, but boiled peanuts have been around longer than any of our other southern food friends. Many tend to think boiled peanuts arrived during the Civil War due to lack of nutritious foods. However, Southerners were eating boiled peanuts long before the Civil War. According to Serious Eats, peanuts were cultivated primarily by African Americans in their own garden patches for their own families' use up until the American Revolution.

When it comes to making and eating boiled peanuts, you could very easily boil your own, but you could also just stop into Cromer’s (we just so happen to be famous for our peanuts).

Our peanuts are boiled, packaged and placed on the shelves fresh every morning. You can often find Mr. Wade, aka Columbia’s Peanut Man, on the sales floor with a shopping cart full of fresh peanuts every morning filling our fridge.

Come in and see us or shop online for your boiled peanuts today! 

12 Days of Cromer's: Day Six

15 December, 2015

Happy day six of 12 Days of Cromer's! Did you know we sell more than just delicious popcorn, peanuts and cotton candy? Yep! We also sell t-shirts, coffee mugs and more. These presents make great stocking stuffers, so come get yours just in time for Christmas and support am 80-year-old local business at the same time. Win-win!

Support "the friendliest state" while also supporting the "Guaranteed Worst in Town" with this dynamic duo coffee mug. Whether for the avid local or the out of towner, this is the perfect gift for someone who loves, or has someone they love in, South Carolina.

What about your nuts? Show your Cromer's pride with this punny t-shirt made for the bold customers. People will ask questions and you can tell them about the "worst" store in town! Be a walking billboard for us. 

12 Days of Cromer's: Day Four

11 December, 2015

Happy fourth day of 12 Days of Cromer's! Miranda is our cotton candy queen, and today is her birthday! To honor her today, we are featuring our fluffy, sweet and delicious cotton candy! 

One of the great things about our cotton candy, besides the obvious great taste, is the ability to customize it completely for our customers. It is a perfect snack to stock your concession stands and parties with! 

Cotton candy is one of our favorite food products to prepare. Why?  There are a few reasons:  

  • Taste – C’mon, this is handspun sweetness!
  • Packaging – By using our clear plastic bags we help the schools, sports boosters clubs, weddings and more to private label the cotton candy with their logo or image stickers on the bags.
  • Choices of flavors & branding – Whether it’s no-flavor, blueberry, strawberry or something else, flavors abound for the cotton candy. The cool thing about the flavors is that each flavor has a color associated with it.  This means that we can customize your cotton candy and tailor the colors (flavors) to match the school’s (or camp, or church, or business or wedding) colors. 

Want this fluffy, sweet treat and more? Get our Sweet Tooth gift basket! With this basket, no sweet tooth will be left unsatisfied. 

  • 2 lbs. of individually wrapped candy
  • 3 oz. of creamy caramel corn
  • 8 oz. of homemade peanut brittle
  • 3.5 oz. bag of real cheddar cheese corn
  • 3 oz. of cotton candy
  • A stuffed monkey named after our founder, Julian

Watch the video below to learn more about our cotton candy queen!

Happy Birthday to our cotton candy queen Miranda! We are so lucky to have had you for the past 37 years and we look forward to many more.

12 Days of Cromer's: Day Two

09 December, 2015

Today, our Christmas Tins are the feature of Day Two of 12 Days of Christmas. 

Everyone deserves delicious treats and thoughtful gifts this holiday season, and there is no better gift than one from Cromer's. Our tins are perfect for friends, family and neighbors. Our tins are also wonderful for corporate gifting whether you are buying for a client, your employees or the entire company.

Our popcorn tins are made to order in any way to make you happy, and they are always filled with fresh popcorn. Our tins come with a combination of cheese corn, caramel corn, regular popcorn, roasted peanuts or salted roasted peanuts. If you're feeling really adventurous, fill a tin with pecan caramel corn or cashew caramel corn (only available one way). 

Why order from a big box retailer where they have been sitting for weeks when you could pick them up from Cromer's where they are made fresh every day? Also, you would be supporting a local business while you're at it. It's a win-win! We want our product to be as fresh as possible when you receive it, even if that means coming in at 6 am to pop and package before its shipped!

Homemade by artisans every day is what makes us different; it is what makes us Guaranteed Worst in Town.


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