National Peanut Month Week 2 - The Valencia Peanut

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We're celebrating National Peanut Month with a bit of history! Each week we will be discussing a different type of peanut and the ways Cromer's uses them in our store.

This week we are discussing the Valencia peanut.

The Valencia peanut is one of the four main types of peanut. Valencia peanuts are primarily grown in New Mexico and account for close to 1% of U.S. production.  This is interesting because they are the most common type of peanut.

They typically have three or more bright red kernels per shell, but their kernels are smaller than those of the Virginia peanut. 

Valencia peanuts have a sweeter flavor and thinner shells than the other four main types of peanut, making them perfect for boiling. Cromer's has been boiling Valencia peanuts for over seventy years with no plans to stop any time soon. They're sweet flavor also makes them great for all-natural peanut butter. 

You can buy raw Valencia peanuts for your own homemade peanut butter, boiled peanuts, or cooking purposes from our website. We sell raw Valencia peanuts in 2 lb., 5 lb., and 25 lb. bags. 

Please check back next week as we continue to celebrate National Peanut month with facts on the Virginia peanut!

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