National Peanut Month Week 1 - Spanish Peanuts

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We're celebrating National Peanut Month with a bit of history! Each week we will be discussing a different type of peanut and the ways Cromer's uses them in our store.

This week we are discussing the Spanish peanut.

Spanish peanuts are one of the four main types of peanuts. Although their name suggests it, they did not originate in Spain. It is believed that they originated in South America - most likely Brazil - although there are no fossil records to corroborate this. They were brought to Spain and perfected in the 1700s, giving them their name.

Spanish peanuts are the smallest of the four main types of peanuts and can be identified by their red, earthy color. They also have the highest oil content of the four main peanut types, this gives them a nuttier flavor.

These peanuts are mainly used in peanut candies. Spanish peanuts have been a staple of Cromer's Homemade Peanut Brittle recipe for over 70 years. They are also used in our Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle which debuted in early 2020.

You can buy raw Spanish peanuts for your own homemade peanut brittle, peanut candies, or cooking purposes from our website. We sell raw Spanish peanuts in 1 lb., 5 lb., and 30 lb. bags.

Please check back next week as we continue to celebrate National Peanut month with facts on the Valencia peanut!

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