Cromer's at Dutch Square Mall - by Rob Turner

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Cromer's at Dutch Square

Always a fun trip down "memory lane" for me - thinking about Cromer's P-Nuts store at Dutch Square Mall. From the time my parents would park their car, I was ready to run through the Dutch Square Mall parking lot to get inside and go to Cromer's P-Nuts. Walking past the Eckerd Drugs soda fountain & Orange Julius, and making that right turn to walk to Cromer's P-Nuts.


Sometimes, you could smell the popped popcorn before you could see Cromer's. My first stop at Cromer's was to first look at the "bent" mirrors: depending on which one you looked at, you appeared short/squatty, or tall/thin. Near those mirrors were a wall of gumball machines - bright and colorful and oh so tempting.

Looking up, on the back wall was the highlight and attention-getter for the business: a glass cage full of Capuchin Monkeys. Those monkeys were always jumping around and putting on a real show. Yes, that type of attraction likely wouldn't pass muster today (and we can understand why!), but the monkeys were put in at the time the location opened in 1970checkoutand there was much more carefree mindset at the time. In any event, the monkeys provided some fun entertainment while shopping around.

As our visit to Cromer's Dutch Square location wound down, I would almost always purchase a corn dog from the snack stand and, if I was lucky and really good according to my parents, I could also get a small box of popcorn to take home with me. Old times (and good times!) that are not forgotten! Driving out from Dutch Square back to my grandparents, there was a cool "spaceman/robot" playground at the Hardees just outside of the mall property - again, only if my brother and were "good," - we would talk our parents into letting us go to that playground for a while.

Cromer's updated the decor in the Dutch Square location in the early 1990s, and this included painting over a large jungle scene mural on the right side of the wall. Unfortunately, the business does not have any pictures of that mural. If you have any pictures (or any others of you and your friends at the "monkey house"), we invite you to email them to us - we'd love to display on our Facebook page!

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