Cromer’s Café is open for Coffee

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1700 Huger street, in the Middle of the Arsenal Hill Neighborhood

Open at 8AM to 6PM - M-F

9AM to 5PM - Sat

Two pleasures we will always enjoy- sipping a great cup of freshly brewed coffee, and reminiscing about our past. Let’s celebrate the best by giving in to life’s grand passion: Coffee drinking.

A year ago, Jamestown Java, a Lexington based coffee shop, partnered with Cromer’s P-nuts to create a “Hang out” spot for all Arsenal Hill residents and area commuters. Today, we have rechristened this unique gathering place as The Cromer’s Café.

While rebranding is a large task, coming up with a new menu has its own challenges. Cromer’s wasn’t left alone in its new adventure; Brandon Wilks, a Master Barista joined the team on a full time basis to manage The Cromer’s Café and create new recipes combining Cromer’s favorite products with delicious caffeinated drinks. “Our Cromer’s Pecan Latte comes with crushed praline pecans” says Agata Chydzinski, Cromer’s General Nut Master. “It is sinfully delicious!”.

With the café fully integrated into the Cromer’s experience, our 78 year-old Columbia-institution now has all the ingredients to attract new regular customers: Great tasting coffee, a cozy space and free parking.

Cromer’s coffee is sourced from a Columbia, based artisan micro-roaster that adheres to a high standard of social and environmental responsibility. “We care about quality and taste,” says Brandon Wilks, Cromer’s new Café manager; “We want people to enjoy our products and our new space on a daily basis”.


Committed to delivering the ultimate coffee experience, Cromer’s Café provides customers with a large range of specialty coffees including estate, origins and delicious flavored coffees, and a complete menu of espresso-based beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, smoothie chillers, cocoas and gourmet teas. 

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