Carolina v. Clemson; Remembering “BIG THURSDAY”

Posted by Agata Chydzinski on

The corner of Assembly and Lady Streets, where Cromer’s was located, was always a busy corner and no busier than a Carolina v. Clemson game! How many people remember “BIG THURSDAY?” We would put our sales people on the corner with bags of boiled and roasted peanuts to sell to the people in their cars. Traffic would get so backed up on Assembly Street going to the stadium! Fans didn’t want to get out of line to purchase their peanuts so we went to them. There would be sales people from local florists down the street selling the large chrysanthemum corsages: either white for Carolina or yellow for Clemson. What happy times those were to watch young men purchasing corsages for their wives or girlfriends as they were buying peanuts for themselves!

- Carolette Cromer Turner

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