12 Days of Cromer's: Day Seven

16 December, 2015

Happy seventh day of 12 Days of Cromer's, and thank you for keeping up with our days and learning about our products. 

On the seventh day of Cromer's Christmas and National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, we bring you chocolate covered peanuts. Nothing is more satisfying than freshly dry roasted peanuts smothered in rich and silky dark chocolate. 

Boiled peanuts are a southern delicacy, so we decided to take beloved peanut and roast it instead and cover it in the finest milk chocolate to make it even more special.

Chocolate covered peanuts are the perfect indulgence for snacking or giving as a small gift. Take them to the movies, the park or the mall - they're a great snack anywhere.

Stop in today or order online to get your creamy, crunchy indulgence! 

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