12 Days of Cromer's: Day Two

Posted by Lauren McAlexander on

Today, our Christmas Tins are the feature of Day Two of 12 Days of Christmas. 

Everyone deserves delicious treats and thoughtful gifts this holiday season, and there is no better gift than one from Cromer's. Our tins are perfect for friends, family and neighbors. Our tins are also wonderful for corporate gifting whether you are buying for a client, your employees or the entire company.

Our popcorn tins are made to order in any way to make you happy, and they are always filled with fresh popcorn. Our tins come with a combination of cheese corn, caramel corn, regular popcorn, roasted peanuts or salted roasted peanuts. If you're feeling really adventurous, fill a tin with pecan caramel corn or cashew caramel corn (only available one way). 

Why order from a big box retailer where they have been sitting for weeks when you could pick them up from Cromer's where they are made fresh every day? Also, you would be supporting a local business while you're at it. It's a win-win! We want our product to be as fresh as possible when you receive it, even if that means coming in at 6 am to pop and package before its shipped!

Homemade by artisans every day is what makes us different; it is what makes us Guaranteed Worst in Town.


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