12 Days of Cromer's: Day One

Posted by Lauren McAlexander on

This Christmas, we at Cromer's decided to have some holiday fun and create 12 Days of Cromer's so our customers can enjoy an artisan product from us for 12 days. Whether you have been a loyal customer for years or you have just discovered Cromer's, we cannot wait to share our products with you!

Day One of 12 Days of Cromer's: Peanut Brittle 

Have you ever tried our homemade peanut brittle? Peanut brittle is as southern as grits and gravy and it will certainly remind you of Grandma's house. Ours is made from an old family recipe that has been in the family for decades and it is handmade by our artisans every day. With just the right amount of Spanish peanuts and syrup, Cromer's has the tastiest, creamiest, crunchiest peanut brittle around.  Try others if you like, but you'll be coming back to Cromer's for our family recipe.

This peanut brittle will be an excellent gift to give this Christmas for family, friends, neighbors or even hosts and hostesses! Skip the regular candy and gift cards and get yours today!





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