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Historic landmarks, plantations, sweet tea, the Bible belt and hot summers are just a few staples of the South. However, one thing stands above the rest: boiled peanuts. They have become so popular that they are South Carolina’s state snack.

Although you can find boiled peanuts year round, some say New Crop season is the season of peak deliciousness. This season generally occurs from around May to mid October. New crop or green peanuts have been pulled from the ground at the end of its growing season and boiled without having been dried before boiling, which is the reason for their fresh and incomparable taste.

There is no denying boiled peanuts are a southern staple, along with fried green tomatoes, fried chicken and barbecue, but boiled peanuts have been around longer than any of our other southern food friends. Many tend to think boiled peanuts arrived during the Civil War due to lack of nutritious foods. However, Southerners were eating boiled peanuts long before the Civil War. According to Serious Eats, peanuts were cultivated primarily by African Americans in their own garden patches for their own families' use up until the American Revolution.

When it comes to making and eating boiled peanuts, you could very easily boil your own, but you could also just stop into Cromer’s (we just so happen to be famous for our peanuts).

Come in and see us at 3030 North Main Street, Columbia SC 29201

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