5 Reasons to Have Cromer's At Your Wedding!

Posted by Lauren McAlexander on

Weddings are a celebration of many things like a new chapter in the couple's lives and two families coming together. They are also, however, a display of food and decorations at the reception. Let us help you make your day one no one will soon forget! 

We have everything from wedding cake sno-kones to customizable popcorn and/or cotton to match your wedding colors.  We can set up a popcorn/cotton candy/sno-kone bar with your choice of flavor and colors. If you choose a popcorn bar, think outside the box with the add-ins. Marshmallows, chocolate syrup, nuts - the possibilities are endless to having a successful popcorn bar at your wedding. Your guests will love this gourmet treat. 

Here are the top five reasons to have Cromer's at your wedding: 

1. It's a unique spin on traditional reception food - surprise your guests with fun snacks they can enjoy.

2. Planning a winter wedding? Have wedding cake flavored sno-kones! The sno-kones will contribute to your wintery theme and will compliment your day perfectly. 

3. The display bar will be a focal point for your guests. Give your guests something to talk about with the popcorn, cotton candy or sno-kone display. 

4. Provides easy snacks for your guests to munch on to keep them dancing all night. 

5. It's fun for all ages. Kids will enjoy the popcorn with colors and flavors. Add-ins such as chocolate, nuts or candies will draw adults to this savory gourmet treat. 


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