Cromer’s concessions supplies: no conflicts with your sponsors!

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We work with many schools that receive large annual sponsorship funding from soft drink companies. With those sponsorship dollars, the soft drink companies have the expectation (a rightful one we might add) that the schools are not going to stock the concessions stand with products from the sponsor’s competitors.

Cromer’s concessions and snack bar supplies will not cause any conflict with your school or event’s corporate sponsors!

We’re not “corporate owned.” In fact, our family owners have lived and worked in the South Carolina Midlands for over 80 years. This fact should be important when considering concessions suppliers. By purchasing your craft popped popcorn and handspun cotton candy from us, you will not offend any of your long time large sponsors.

Cromer’s doesn’t step on your sponsors’ toes… We help you and your team sell food products to raise funds for your school and sports boosters club.

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