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We love children and we help them anyway we can.  One way we help the young (and young at heart!) is by providing a more nutritious snack offering - our healthier popcorn….

We are SO PLEASED to bring you our newest popcorn product offering:   SunnyPop™ popcorn.

WhatHealthy Popcorn:  SunnyPop comes in two options:  1) SunnyPop, and 2) SunPop Select.  SunnyPop is a delicious and tasty popcorn that meets the nutritional guidelines for the U.S.D.A.’s Smart Snacks in School Program.  This popcorn contains 3 simple ingredients: popcorn, oil and salt.  SunPop Select is Whole Grain free, Gluten-free AND has no GMO’s added.  The SunPop Select is popped in sunflower oil rather than coconut or canola oil.

When: SunnyPop popcorn is available today – stop by and pick up some from our retail shop, or order anytime online at Cromers.com 

Why:  SunnyPop is a snack that you can purchase pre-popped from us for re-sale at your concession stand.  With the healthier focus and by meeting the U.S.D.A.’s Smart Snacks nutritional guidelines, it’s a product you’ll feel good about serving to children from your event’s concession stand or snack bar.

Where: Cromer’s P-Nuts – your go-to source for school concessions and snack bar supplies.

Are you read to add some “pop!” to your concession stand and snack bar?  You should be – it’ll help your team’s efforts to raise funds.

Contact Kathy Willis by email or 803-779-2290 x1008

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