Cromer’s P-Nuts is your concession supply solution

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We love helping our customers create successful concession stands!   Our pre-packaged and custom order food products are ready to sell the moment you open the box.

No Mess and No Cleanup

Eliminating food preparation will eliminate the mess from your concession stand.  The workers of the stand will be glad to not have to divide their time between preparing food, cleaning up and selling food.  They can devote their time to selling.

No Long Term Storage

Cromer’s delivers “just in time” food products which eliminates the need for long term food storage.  At a school or sports organization, storage is usually at a premium.  Say goodbye to the need to move around sports equipment from the storage rooms to free up space for storing food supplies.  Our food products sell fast, so you shouldn’t have much to store after an event is over either.

No Driving Around Town

Have you ever spent the day driving around town to pick-up last minute food items for your concession stand?  Well this isn’t a good use of time!

No Food Safety Risk

Do you ever worry about food safety when it comes to food preparation?  Eliminate this worry with pre-packed foods.  Your concession stand workers will be relieved to know that they don’t need to find the plastic gloves and hair net!

We want for you to be able to focus on your concession stand goals like generating foot traffic and more sales.  In our years of experience, we see many concession stands focus more on purchasing concessions inventory and finding a place to store the inventory, than on selling.

Let us help you and get back to selling and raising money for your school and sports boosters club!

 Contact Customer Service at 800-322-7688 option 0 for assistance!


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