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Cromer's is happy to announce that they will be featuring Sunny Pop and SunPop Select popcorns, a popcorn that is made in sunflower oil rather than coconut or canola oil.

Sunny Pop is created specifically to meet the guidelines of the USDA Smart Snacks in the School program with only three simple ingredients: popcorn, oil and salt. As national nutrition standards increase, it becomes more and more challenging to meet the food needs of schools. Now, you can offer the popcorn that's the smart snack choice! The key nutritional benefits is that Sunny Pop is Whole Grain, Gluten-Free AND has no GMO's added. Fresh from the popper, it is a great tasting snack that is also fun to eat. 

SunPop Select is for today's consumers who are more health conscious. Most people want a snack that is healthier, without sacrificing that delicious taste we all know and love. Now you can indulge in a popcorn that is smart, simple and satisfying! Just like Sunny Pop, it is made of three simple ingredients: popcorn, oil and salt and is Whole Grain, Gluten-Free and has no GMO's added. 

Be on the lookout on cromers.com and on all of our social media outlets for more information! 

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