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Want to make a positive and lasting impression on your customers (of course, don’t we all)? We want to encourage you to send one of our gourmet gift tins or gift boxes to your customers this Fall. Filled with scrumdelicious (yes, we’re a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh) popcorn – salted, buttered, caramel, cheese, and other good treats like our roasted peanuts, our treats are sure to keep your business’s name top-of-mind with your customers. Check out our gift ideas here  or come into the store to pick them out yourself


We asked one of our attorney clients for some feedback from his customers. This particular attorney sends our gift tins to his referral sources and clients throughout the course of the year. Following are direct responses from that attorney’s clients:

“I’m delighted I could send you a couple pieces of
business..., but you certainly didn’t need to send me the
popcorn. Very thoughtful and yummy and I’m quite certain
with my college-age son home this weekend, that it will
have disappeared by Sunday night. ”


“Thanks for the Popcorn! What a nice Surprise. It is delicious, especially the
caramel! Lol”


“I received a humongous tin of popcorn yesterday. My office mates are diligently helping
me work through it, one bowlful at a time. Looks like it will take several of us multiple
bowlfuls per day for quite a while, but I think we are equal to the task. Thanks very

Let us help you make a fantastic and lasting impression with your customers – contact us today at 1-800-322-7688, or come by the store at 1700 Huger Street to learn more about our customer loyalty programs.



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