Childhood Memories

28 July, 2014

Behold the magnificent Cromer's. Home to where children's imaginations ignite. Where you can get the best chilidog and corn dog known to all of mankind. A place to stay and smell the popcorn poppin’. You can stroll and enjoy a rest bit during the day. I know, because I've been going to Cromer's my whole life, and every time I walk in the doors I'm instantly happier and my inner child is smiling. It's a part of Columbia's history that lives on today, Cromer owned. It's a taste of the past, and a regional supplier for the future. If you’re thinking about a treat for yourself, when you want something tasty or to give a gift that comes with a long history, think about Cromer's. After all, it's guaranteed worst in town. It's part of my life--the New Crop Boiled P-Nuts are the essence of my summers as a kid. I remember times when we ran outside my grandparents’ house. My brother, my cousins, all of us together, having fun. We played for hours in the hot sun, in the woods and by the pond. At some point one of us would rush inside my grandparents’ house, and head for the fridge. Mema was cooking or doing laundry. An empty gut, hungry rush to the fridge where there was a bag of cool, boiled peanuts. "Don't eat too much, We're eating super in an hour." Back outside underneath a pine tree, we gathered round to share a bag. We devoured the boiled P-Nuts, leaving a pile of shells shaped like a bizarre sci-fi fire ant hill. "So good...I'm full". And the bag was empty, and we ran down a dirt road towards my grandaddys pond, to continue the adventure. Cromer's is my family, I will always love it.


By Chris Turner, grandson of long time owner James Cromer & great-grandson of founder Julian Cromer

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