6 reasons to have Cromer’s at your child’s birthday party!

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We have so many fun things down here at Cromer’s. Come give us a visit at 1700 Huger Street! You won’t have to drive around the city to pick up everything you need for a party. We have the snacks, decorations, and entertainment. Planning a birthday party for any age is easy when you only need to make one stop.


  1. We rent snokone machines! Let your son or daughter pick their favorite flavors, this gets them involved and guarantees that they will love them. Over 30 flavors to choose from! This summer is going to be a hot one, but this treat keeps kids cool and happy.


  1. Balloons, ribbons, and banners! We have a variety of colors for all party decorations!


  1. Popcorn bushels will satisfy guests of all ages! Your party guests will love our delicious and fresh-popped popcorn. Kids love it, and adults do too. At only 37 calories per cup, it’s a healthy alternative to potato chips!


  1. Our cotton candy. If you’re making goody bags for all the kids, don’t forget this timeless treat!


  1. Entertain party guests with a piñata! We have the piñata your child will love and a variety of candy to fill it.


  1. Customize your popcorn colors and flavors, as well as our cotton candy. Match party themes all the way down to the snacks!

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